How To Fix A Frozen IPhone 7?

How to fix a frozen iPhone 7?

How to fix a frozen iPhone 7?

iPhone users may face the problem of unresponsive screen or frozen screen or black screen etc. with the frozen screen, user cannot access the phone, cannot make calls, cannot access emails or cannot do any business related work. why such problem arises? The possible reasons , may be :

1. Too low battery

2. Too low storage space

3. Updates are pending to be installed

4. Few buggy apps that eats up high CPU usage and makes the iphone slow.


The problem is really annoying and must be resolved quickly. Here are few troubleshooting steps which user may perform to unfreeze the iphone screen.


1. First thing first, check out the battery if its very low.

 2. Switch OFF the device and restart it again.

3. If the problem is there, hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time , for few seconds, till the Apple logo appears on the screen. 

4. Sometimes , any buggy application may cause the trouble, so try to uninstall that app. If uninstall is not possible as the screen is freeze , hold the volume down button and the home button fro few seconds. 

5. Hold the buttons till the app shuts down.

6. Restart again if necessary.

7. Go for the factory restart if none of the above ways solves the issue. It will set the phone to the default state.


Contact the iPhone Technical Support if the problem still persists. The experts will provide the best troubleshooting within very less time duration. This service is 24/7 open for all so user can request for iphone tech support at any time.


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