How To Run McAfee Virus Scan From Command Prompt ?

How to run McAfee virus scan from command prompt ?

How to run McAfee virus scan from command prompt ?

The essential aspects of McAfee antivirus

Mcafee is a world renowned antivirus and people all over the world are aware of its reputation and its effectiveness. There are very few antiviruses in the world that can work as efficiently as Mcafee. This is used in both domestic and the professional sectors as well. If a potential clients or a user is facing any technical trouble he or she can always contact the customer care number or can always go for a live chat with them. The trouble shooting techniques and the advancement of the Mcafee Antivirus Tech Support has far reaching fame.

The various utilities provided by McAfee-

Mcafee is not only a very well renowned antivirus but at the same time it has a very powerful firewall and provides the best internet security as well. One can always log in to the official website of Mcafee and check all its features and components. Mcafee antivirus customer support provides round the clock services to its customers and clients. There are hundreds and thousands of users of this antivirus and it has been featured in almost all the famous and renowned technical magazines and articles.

Running McAfee from command prompt-

For availing this feature you will have to create a root directory at the c drive and name it as ‘scan’. After that you will have to extract the contents of the After that you will have to download the latest beta .dat file from the internet and run it according to instruction. In this technical process if you face any difficulty you can always contact the customer care round the clock. If you are not sure of the technical knowhow of the entire mechanisms you must always contact a experienced professional. Or you can always check up the internet and the official website for the official FAQ posted by the coders of the antivirus. The entire process is very easy and very secure and has been designed to incorporate all the needs and the requirements of all the users. There are many web portals from where one can seek the technical help.



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